The Lipton’s Seat
The Lipton’s Seat is a magnificent and enchanted viewpoint located about 10 to12 km far away from Bandarawela Town. And Lipton’s Seat is the favorite look-point for Sir Thomas Lipton( The great tea planter ). There are two routes to reach this fantastic place. One is from Bandarawela via Nayabedda tea estate and other one from Haputhale along Dabhethenna estate. Both roads are very much scenic and full of eco entertaining. One can find Lipton seat easily by referencing marking boards.

One can see 360 panoramic view from Lipton Seat once get there. But the misty climate will destroy your hope of see 360 view. March to August would be fine season to visit Lipton Seat. If one need to see most the best time would be 8am to 11am before mist falls to the area.

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